5 Things You Should Know about Fire Ants

Fire ants

Fire ants are difficult pests that can invade your backyard or even the inside of your home, causing trouble with painful bites, chill-inducing swarms, and their quick action of stealing your food supply. As with professional termite control in St. Augustine, professional ant control needs to be strategic and based on the notable features of these pesky insects.

Start by learning the top 5 important facts about fire ants, then contact ant and termite fumigation teams in your area for a solution.

How to Identify Fire Ants

Fire ants have remarkably painful bite, hence their name. When it comes to classifying the ants on your property, there's a more tolerable alternative to offering one's hand for sampling. Fire ants tend to nest in sunny, well-lit soil, around which there will be very little grass, while other ants nest in or around tree bark.

Understand the Risks

Fire ants aren't technically deadly, although their bites are very painful, especially when you receive multiple bites at once. However, many people are allergic to ant bites, just as people can be allergic to bee stings. Avoid being bitten before you find out the hard way. Keep the bite location clean and sanitized to prevent infection, which is a risk to all individuals, allergic or not.

How to Prevent Fire Ants

Prevention is easier than a cure, and the same goes for fire ant and termite treatment. Fire ants are swarming insects that can quickly overtake a property, so prevent them in early spring, before they tend to colonize. Fire ant bait is a great preventative measure.

How to Kill Mounds

There are several methods for killing fire ant mounds. The most important fact to know is that addressing each mound individually is far more effective than attempting to poison an entire yard.

How to Address Indoor Ants

Professional pest control companies can help you deter ants from coming indoors and bait the ones that may already be present. Bait will poison an entire colony's food supply, effectively clearing the mound. Find an exterminator who specializes in fire ant and termite control in St. Augustine, or who can help you address large populations of swarming insects rather than a rodent problem, which requires a different approach.